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When you mention Palermo you think of the traditional markets of the city and the very popular charm of Vucciria, Ballarò and Capo, with their cries and their colours, in which the typical custom of abbanniare is still preserved to enhance the quality of the goods. Think of its history and its dominations: Arabs, Swabians, Normans, Angevins, Byzantines and their inheritances, Churches, Palaces, Gardens. Think of its Baroque style, of the Liberty style of its Villas. Think of the 19th century, of the Bourbons and Garibaldi, think of a people who enjoyed their theatres, of grandiose architecture, and walks in the Foro Italico. Think of pasta with sardines, panelle and rolls. Think of its coast north of the city, Mondello and perhaps the more distant Porticello, both once fishing villages. Think of a city that has it all.Palermo in questa ottica, si configura come un patrimonio non solo di chi la abita, ma di tutti coloro i quali riconoscano in questa città un valore comune, quello di una stratificazione di pietre e di storie, di simboli e di tradizioni appartenenti all’intera civiltà mediterranea. I dintorni della città di Palermo offrono parecchi spunti per coloro i quali volessero fare della città un punto di partenza per delle escursioni volte alla scoperta del territorio occidentale dell’isola…


A few minutes from La Marsa Vacances you can find Mondello beach with a very fine golden sand. In the evening it is an ideal place to spend a pleasant dinner in one of the typical restaurants in the area. Reachable on foot or you can ask for information at the reception to book a tour

Mondello vicino La Marsa Palermo
Centro storico Palermo La Marsa Palermo


Palermo is among the richest cities in churches, palaces and historical monuments, with different architectural styles, evidence over time of the multiple dominations suffered. In every corner of the old town you can recognize elements of every people who have lived here: Romans, Byzantines, Swabians, French, along with the Spanish and Austrians. Palermo is also the fifth largest city in Italy, with one of the largest historic centers in Europe, where it is possible to admire hundreds of monuments including palaces and churches, as well as seven theatres. Reachable by taxi or you can inquire at reception to book a tour


A recommended stop is definitely the Cathedral of Monreale. Entirely decorated with mosaics and the largest church in Italy, decorated with this technique. You can ask for information at the reception to book a tour

Interno cattedrale Monreale